IPhone 12: Everything You Need To Know

The new iPhone 12 is here, and with it comes a range of new features that will make your life a lot easier. So whether you’re an iPhone user or not, this is the blog for you! We’ll take a look at the release date, what’s new, and how to get the most out of the new smartphone. We’ll also cover any important specifications, so you know everything you need to know before buying. Happy reading!

iPhone release date

The wait is over! The new iPhone is set to release on September 12th, and there’s plenty of speculation surrounding the features that will be included. Among the rumored features are augmented reality and wireless charging capabilities. It’s been said that the Plus model will come with a bigger battery, while the XS will have a more powerful camera.

As for Face ID, it’s been reported that it will be updated to include a ‘3D scanning‘ feature which will allow users to unlock the phone by scanning their face. Be sure to stay tuned to tech blogs and social media platforms for the latest updates on the new iPhone.

Apple iPhone 12 specifications

The iPhone 12 is a major update, with a new under-the-hood design that makes it faster and more powerful than ever before. The new features and improvements include an updated camera and display, as well as AR capabilities and a new home screen design. So, if you’re wondering what to expect from Apple’s next flagship device, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide!

In addition, there are several other improvements and additions, such as a longer battery life and water resistance. So whatever your smartphone needs, the iPhone 12 has got you covered!

Rear-Facing FaceTime camera

If you are looking for an upgrade, the iPhone 12 is a great option! The new rear-facing FaceTime camera allows you to video call friends and family without having to turn your phone around. This makes it much easier for people who have difficulty facing their phones when making a video call. Other features include a faster processor and wireless charging capabilities.

Water Resistance Up to 50 Meters

The iPhone 12 is now water resistant up to 50 meters, making it a smart choice for those who love spending time in the water. Not only is this phone durable and weather-proof, but its new design makes it more comfortable to use. With its A12 Bionic chip and Face ID, your privacy is safeguarded no matter what!

A13 Bionic Chip

There are a number of new updates and features to the iPhone 12, including the A13 Bionic chip. This powerful device has a number of improvements over its predecessors, making it one of the best iPhones on the market. Among these improvements is its faster processor and upgraded camera system. Its battery life is also significantly better than previous models, so you can enjoy longer conversations or more intensive gaming sessions without having to recharge regularly.

Fingerprint Scanner

The new iPhone X is a powerful smartphone that comes with several features that will make your life easier. One of these features is the fingerprint scanner, which allows you to unlock your phone, make payments with Touch ID, and even use Face ID for secure authentication.

How to use the new features of the iPhone 12?

The new iPhone 12 is a powerhouse phone that comes with a variety of new features. Here are four of the most important: a new rear-view camera, improved face scanner, augmented reality capabilities, and a powerful new processor. How to use these features? Let’s take a look:

  • -The new rear-view camera is great for making video calls.
  • -The improved face scanner can be used for authentication purposes, such as unlocking your phone or logging in to a website.
  • -Augmented reality capabilities let you view information and content in a new and exciting way.
  • -The new processor makes the iPhone 12 a powerful phone that can handle a variety of tasks.

Be sure to download the latest apps and update your device’s software so you have all the latest features.


Are you excited about the release of the new iPhone 12? If so, make sure to read through this blog for all the latest information on this exciting smartphone! From the iPhone 12 release date to its impressive specifications, this blog has it all! So, what are you waiting for? Start reading and learn all you need to know about the new iPhone 12 today!