How to Store Blankets Effectively

From now on, your blanket storage will never be the same! With these clever storage ideas, you’ll be able to store blankets like a pro. Whether you want to keep them neatly folded and stacked on a shelf or out of the way but accessible, these tips will have you sorted in no time. And if you’re ever in a bind and need to quickly grab a blanket, now you know how to do it without any hassle at all! So go ahead and start storing your blankets like a pro today!


Where to Put Blankets

If you’re like most people, you probably store blankets in the closet, attic, or even the basement. But is this the best place to store blankets? The short answer is no. Here are five reasons why storing blankets incorrectly can lead to difficulty in using them:


  1. It’s hard to get to them when you need them.
  2. They get damp and mildewy.
  3. It’s difficult to store them in a way that doesn’t take up space.
  4. They’re difficult to store away when the weather turns cold.
  5. They’re a hazard when it comes to fire safety.


So, if you’re looking to store blankets effectively, it’s best to store them in a way that maximizes space, provides easy access, and keeps them safe from pests and fire. Check out our article on how to store blankets for more information!


How to Organize Blankets

It’s the cold season, and that means it’s time to get cozy with blankets! But before you can enjoy your blanket collection, you need to store them effectively. Here are some tips on how to do just that:


  1. Keep blankets organized by type: throw blankets, quilts, shawls, and so on.
  2. Store blankets in a cool, dry place.
  3. Keep the blanket’s hemmed side facing down to avoid wrinkles.
  4. Store multiple blankets on hangers to avoid them from taking up space.
  5. If you don’t want to use a blanket for a while, fold it and put it in a storage bag.


Some Unique Blanket Storage Ideas

Keeping blankets and quilts tidy and organized can be a challenging task. Here are some unique blanket storage ideas that can help you out:


Hang blankets on the wall or in cabinets

Hanging blankets on the wall or in cabinets can be a great way to store them effectively. By putting them in easy-to-reach places, you’ll be able to get to them whenever you need them. You can also hang blankets on the wall using hooks or hangers, or place them in storage cabinets. Whatever storage idea you choose, make sure it is functional and space-effective.


Use shelves and hooks to organize your blankets

It can be challenging to keep your blankets organized and tidy, but there are a few unique storage ideas that can help. For example, you can use shelves and hooks to hang your blankets in a way that makes them easily accessible. You can also store your blankets in a way that maximizes floor space, by wrapping them around furniture or using storage baskets. And lastly, if you have a lot of blankets, consider investing in a blanket rack. This will make it easy to find and grab the blanket you need quickly.



Do you find it difficult to keep your blankets in check? If so, read on for some helpful tips on how to store blankets effectively. By following the advice provided, you’ll be able to keep your blankets neatly organized and easy to access. Not to mention, these storage ideas are sure to come in handy in the future!